Vengeance Parts Replacement Form

Next Replacement orders will be placed on the 5th of Septmember 2018.

If you are a Kickstarter backer or purchased Vengeance from UKGE 2018  or GenCon 2018 please fill out his form and nter UKGE18 or GenCon2018 in the backer number field.

If you are NOT a backer but have purchased your copy from a shop please follow the appropriate link below:

Europe: Please email with replacement request. For ROSARI CARDS, we are awaiting new cards to arrive at their facility so they cannot send these out yet.

Once you submit this form you will get an automated reply - don't worry, we're processing every request that comes in and will email an update once we send out the replacements.

IF the form does not work please email 

For more information and instructions on Bendy Minis please read Update #52


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