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US, Canada + Rest of the World Shipping Update

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As of December 13th, 2017, we are preparing to pick, pack, and ship Vengeance reward packages out to you. If you are in the US, we should have the necessary assembly of components from the factory completed to begin fulfilment around December 14th. We will continue with US shipments until completed. Shipments to Canadian backers and to all other backers who have not yet been shipped will also go out as part of this final wave.

If you already received a shipment from our European, Asian, or Australian depot, you may be receiving another separate shipment with additional replacement pieces.

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There are few things we love more in life than opening a box full of beautiful game pieces and immersing ourselves in the shared imaginary worlds they project.  We formed Mighty Boards to have the privilege of creating those worlds and sharing them with you.  Mighty Boards is the tabletop board game publishing branch of Mighty Box, a digital game development studio based in Malta.