"From the arrogance of Mankind a new life is born. 
This new life shall pave the way.
The future shall be pure. 
The old world shall be cleansed. 
The Evolved shall inherit the Earth."
No Human - 2033

You are a survivor in a near-future Europe that has collapsed under the weight of its own political errors, in the wake of a bloody class-war fuelled by genetic modifications. In the first Posthuman you journeyed to the last bastion of organised human society in the area: The Fortress. A year down the line you have become an active part of that society, and honed the skills you need to fulfil your role there. But the mutants are gaining ground…
You play a seasoned member of the Fortress’ defence, sent out to venture to the front-line outposts of the Resistance to bolster the thinning ranks there. You’ll have to forge across a crumbled land where resources are spare and mutants roam the ruined mansions and forests alike.  But beware, the tendrils of mutation are alive within you like most humans left alive.


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