Welcome to the Naskê’s Journey!

Adventurer, we need you! Naske's missing! The Circle of Elders had sent her to find out what the Emperor’s intentions are towards their homeland, but they haven’t heard from her in days! Please help us. We'll reward you for your efforts!

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How do you get your free map?

Find out where Naskê is and get a FREE printed, exclusive map of Kaan in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

Every week a new clue of Naskê’s Journey will be revealed. Go to our socials to find out where the next clues are! We have friends and allies across Kaan who will be issuing clues on their pages.

Every new code unlocks a part the map, revealing where Naskê has been, introducing Fateforge’s rich lore and a dev diary full of behind-the-scenes material!

Discover all map pieces and the free printed map is yours!

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